Coming to Utah - a Picture Collage

Snuggled into the back of Cousin Matty's truck for the trek to the airport. We owe Matty a severe debt of gratitude for being willing to give up his whole day to be our chauffeur. Severe debt of gratitude.

We're used to being a spectacle. People were openly gawking, laughing in delight, and asking us for rides. What you don't see: Me pushing Hank in the stroller laden with the rest of our gear.

Waiting for our flight

The very first thing we did. The very. First. Thing. Daph ended up coming in 15 minutes later crying with frozen red legs. Seriously. It took forever for them to stop being red and cold. Poor little skittle.

The next thing - COUSINS!!!!

On my way to Eagle Mountain to visit my sister

the Brave Little Toaster was willing to try it again.

I was eager to get to Chic-fil-a because one of the things I missed most while living in New York was the incredible customer service at places like this. 
Yes, mom was feeling indulgent.