Here we are

I realize it's been over a week - but let this be the official decree: WE MADE IT.

The McCrery Clan has landed in Utah.

Bill has started his new job, we have found a house to rent (we move in on the 22nd), and I got a whale of a head cold.

It's snowing. AGAIN! I love it, and the kids are obsessed.

My little niece Kaylee is beautiful, and I get to see her EVERY DAY since we live in the same house right now - which is a very nice contrast to seeing her NOT AT ALL EVEN ONCE while I was living on the other side of the continent.

The kids LOVE living at Grandma's house, again, and every time we leave to run daddy to work or to run an errand, they beg to go back.

Driving a car is weird.

And get this - I took the kids to Jiffy Lube to do the safety/emissions on the van, and they had FRUIT SNACKS and a little kid table and books and movies. I almost shed an actual tear, it was such a beautiful sight! It's nice to be in a place that makes room for kids.

Did I mention I have a horrible cold? It bowled me over yesterday evening, and now I'm a miserable sack of disgusting mush.


I'm off to wallow.