February is a heavy month.

I can't quite say with exact honesty that I hate February. It seems a bit reckless to lump an entire 28 days into one steamy pot of antagonistic feeling. But I will say that February puts me on edge. I begin to get that anxious feeling toward the end of January, and feel an immense relief and lightness of load come the first of March.

On the first of February this year, my Grandmother left us mortals to go on to bigger and better things. While I am pleased that she is freed from the physical pains and limitations of this world (and she seemed to have more than her fair share of these), my world is a more hollow place without her fiesty spirit roaming these battlegrounds.

Her funeral fell between the anniversaries of the deaths of Bill's mother and father.

Then last week, we learned that Bill's aunt Hollie lost her battle with the same Cancer that took my Mother-in-Law. Her son is getting married later this year.

And a 6 year old girl in my community passed away unexpectedly and without known cause.

I think the Grim Reaper must have been born in February. 

This is not to say that the month is devoid of all Joys.

Aunt Gloria is doing better than her doctors predicted would be possible. The graft is taking. We are warned there will be ups and downs, but right now is an up, and we're grateful. She was able to come to Grandma's funeral.

Two of my brothers-in-law celebrate their birthdays within days of each other. I really like both of them, and am inspired by their willing attitudes (they are always helping me out with the heavy lifting - often literally!).

I hosted Book Club and got to talk about one of my top 10 stories of all time: Ender's Game. We had Mexican food. There was cake.

We had dinner and a Downton-Abbey-a-thon with the always-a-good-time Terry family.

My long-time friend Mikelle came for dinner and games, and brought us pizza and a giant bag of High Chews. Bill declared them to be his favorite. Mikelle "forgot" to take the bag with her at the end of the evening. 

It was my turn to teach Joy School, and I had an absolute blast with those kids. And Daphne got to participate, which made my heart sing! 

And, of course, Valentines Day. I gave Bill a book. He gave me pearls. The kids were generous with their sticky candy kisses. We put them to bed and had a date in our basement. We ate Cafe Rio and watched a fantastically compelling Western.

So the Month is not an entire loss. I won't hybernate through it - though at times I was sorely tempted.

But the next time February rolls around, I will be treading softly.

And possibly be covered in bubble wrap.

(a shout-out to Chim, who compelled me to start blogging, again. Thanks, dude!)