He's All Grownz Up!


So far, Hank has requested the Birthday Song two dozen times.
He's had 2 burgers (his favorite)
and a handful of letter cookies from Trader Joes (the boy loves cookies).

Breakfast in bed was a hoot (and he demanded the birthday song no less than 6 times while we stood around him watching him eat).

Wyatt chose his birthday balloons (we're celebrating with family on Sunday).
Daphne chose what kinds of cookies to make (for Sunday, and because cookies are his favorite - and his first word).

Tonight, we are taking him out to dinner and to the local toy store.


...I don't have a baby, anymore.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I could die over how cute he is. You know, they've got some pretty realistic baby dolls nowadays, if you need a fix. There's a whole creepy isle at our Target full of babies that talk when you walk by.