Shapes in our Toast

Over breakfast of eggs, oranges and marbled rye toast with cinnamon sugar, the kids and I found shapes in our bread...

Wyatt found a digger...

He sees diggers in the clouds, too.

Daphne found a "unicorn watching the stars shooting!"

My Little Pon-eeeee!

And I, of course, found a wizards hat.

"GRYFFINDOR!" says the Sorting Hat.

I thought all three were significantly and appropriately matched to those consuming them.

In other news, I spent a wonderful evening last night with my fellow behind-the-scenes peeps of the upcoming Story@Home conference (end of this month!).

If you are into stories - especially true stories about actual people - especially especially true stories about actual people who are RELATED TO YOU - I highly recommend this conference. I went last year and was inspired right up onto Cloud Nine, leaving me giddy for a month. It's for geneologists, storytellers and bloggers alike. Even if you're only telling the (completely true and compelling) tale of your breakfast toast.