Dear Friends,

Thanks for all your support with this fun fundraising endeavor!

Winners were picked via random number generator (Okay, I would have had this done this morning, but I seriously spent ALL DAY thinking it was Monday, again. Oh, stop it. You've done it, too.) and it's always anguish for me because I want you ALL to win!

Winner time!

The gorgeous strand of WHITE pearls goes to none other than the illustrious:

BRITTANY KJAR of New York!!!

(send me your addy, kay?)

And the lovely strand of PINK pearls goes to the brilliant and lovely:

NAE of Orem, UT!!!

I'm very excited for you both, because you are both totally and completely deserving and awesome and will so totally ROCK these.

Thanks, again, everyone!

(Aren't giveaways fun?!)

If you didn't win and would like to order a strand, Tori said that she could extend the deadline for today, only - so shoot me an email if you'd like to order! (Limited Supply on the Pink, just to warn!)


Brittany Kjar said...

Is that my name?! Wow! Thank you! I hope this all really helped Tori for her ballroom tour!

Tori Mikk said...

Thank you for all your help. Especially Stepper. You are the greatest ever!

Nae said...

Woo HOO!!!!

I wore them two days in a row.

Thank you for the beautiful packaging, too! You are marvelous.