He Does It Again.

Humor me, if you please, I must get my brag on.

Okay, I've heard many mouths utter something akin to loathing of blogs that paint lives as shiny rainbows and super-filtered images of perfection, so to put minds at rest let me just say that Bill isn't perfect.

I know I am constantly insisting that he is, and I am always hard pressed to find evidence to the contrary—but let me offer this morsel as proof of his membership in race:humanity.

He leaves his socks on the floor.

Like, right now, while I'm sitting here at his desk, typing away on his computer (yes, he shares all his stuff with me. But, socks! Remember?) my feet are resting upon a small pile of colorful socks.

He really likes socks, and wears them in many hues. Isn't that neat?

So. Okay. Socks on the floor. Human being.

But let me tell you, this past weekend, my human being went Super.

I have been sick - like, throat-on-fire (ouch!) WITH a blasted cough (ouch-ouch!), and on Sunday, the man made the kids breakfast while I slept in. Then, after church (stake conference, thank heavens, so yes, I did go. I just kept my pariah breath to myself.) he sent me straight back to bed while he made the kids lunch, entertained them while they ate, cleaned them up, put them down for naps (all three!), then made he and I a delicious lunch of noodle soup (heaven on a damaged throat!) and grilled cheese (Tillamook's fancy white extra sharp cheddar, thank you!).

And (sniff), one of my favorite and HARD to come by beverages: cranberry-raspberry Snapple. Diet. Chilled.

THEN he made some of his famous black beans, just in case for later in the week.

And then. THEN, you guys. After a whole day of this kind of treatment, he wraps me in his arms and says that he's PROUD of me for being willing to read in bed.



Guess who's colorful socks I just had the pleasure of folding. :)


Emily said...

Awesome. Can you send him over when I fall sick? Thanks.