Happy and Here

I am standing in the living room of my new house, in the overcast glow of the tree-speckled light coming through the enormous 2-story windows (trying to ignore the box elder bug crawling along the glass out of reach) reaching up to type, because the computer is currently serving as our TV screen, and is sitting on top of the fireplace mantle (YES, people, I have a MANTLE now!).

We don't have a TV anymore. Isn't that wild?

Don't worry, it's not because of some mistrust of the evils TVs bring into homes - it's because our old TV was dumb and we sort of gave it away before we moved. We're crazy like that during a move. You should probably know that about us, and the next time we're gearing up to make a change, hang around because you'll probably get some sweet free stuff.

The truth is, I've been dying to blog for forever.

Okay, for a month and a half. Really, since we moved into this new house of light and promise and strange but satisfying architecture. But...I had to leave my computer behind when we made the giant move from Manhattan to Utah, so we have just the one computer. And...it's actually really hard to type with it so high.

Right now I'm on my tippy toes, but my arms are still falling asleep.

Isn't all of this terribly interesting? I tell you, I am out of practice with the making of the words!

Anyway, the point is.

The point is that I am genuinely happy. Most of you are probably saying, "well, DUH!" And you're not wrong - there is much to rejoice about in this little heart of mine! Much. And I've learned recently that I'm what could be labeled as an optimist. How'bout that?

But if any of you knew me very well during 2013 - you'll know that my proclamation of genuine happiness is actually quite an accomplishment.

We'll get to that.

The whole 2013 business.

I just wanted to pounce on today's nap-time opportunity to stand on my tippiest of toes to tell you all that Stepper was...and still is...here.


Kristen said...

I didn't know your 2013 was so rough- I'm glad this year is going so much better for you.

And I've always considered you an optimist. And a genuinely lovely person, all around. And someday I will see your beautiful face at book club - we miss you when you're not there!

And blog every day - I would really love it!

Emily said...

So glad you braved your tippiest of tippy toes to blog on that computer-as-TV thing above your mantel. Can't wait to hear more.