"J" at 10


Manhattan Jane turns 10 months old, today.

This means: 

1. 2 more months before I can stop buying formula!
2. She needs more teeth.
3. I thought maybe it was 2 months before she could be legaly placed in that coveted forward facing car seat, but when I looked it up, turns out it's a year and 2 months. SIGH.
4. Her first word is, officially, "Daddy". 10 months is a legit age for a first word.
5. The fact that she figured out how to crawl forward within the past few weeks allowed her to just squeak into the "normal" bracket. I think. I don't really keep track of these things, anymore. She's a fourth!
6. It's probably okay that I keep sneaking her bites of yogurt and ice cream. Probably.
7. My baby is very nearly no longer a baby.
8. My heart is breaking a little because of that last. I have approximately 2 months before it breaks completely.
9. I have a ten month old. 
10. !!!!

 Yesterday, Bill called her his little "carpet motor".

I liked that.

Hattie is dramatic. She throws her hands and arms up over her face if she's embarrassed, tired, or being melodramatic. She shrieks like the world done her wrong if she drops something she didn't mean to drop. Yet, she constantly drops things deliberately with a southern belle "ho hum, bored now" air. Even if you were obviously reaching for it so she wouldn't drop it. Especially if you had just washed it.

She pulls my hair, and has convinced me that it (and all of my facial features) actually do belong to her, and she is benevolently allowing me to borrow her mom face things.

She has the absolute best grin in the entire human catalog of grins.

She loves strawberries.

She hates carrots.

She is madly in love with her daddy.
(She likes me very much! But when Bill walks into the room? Please.)

Hard to believe she's been a part of my world for only 10 months. And also, has it really already been that long?

And, finally - one word: BLOND!