10 Fears

  1. My kids walking too close to the edge of anything high. If they get too close to the glass paned edge on the second level of the mall, my legs go all wobbly. 
  2. Bridges over water. Not the kind you walk over - those are cool. The ones you drive over. My mind immediately goes there. 
  3. Public Speaking when I don't have/am not allowed to use my notes. I can get up in front of a crowd as long as I have every word i'm going to say written down. Even if I don't use it! Take that away, and every single thing in my brain goes with it. 
  4. the slimy juices from uncooked chicken.
  5. My kids choking.
  6. Those fake-o "characters" on Times Square.
  7. Being vastly and unjustly misunderstood. 
  8. Being invisible. Being just completely...unseen.
  9. Sunburns.
  10. At the end of my life, realizing I just "ended up." I didn't live deliberately, didn't take chances, didn't GO FOR IT. Instead, I just existed.