100 Days pt. 2

It's time.

This is me, shaking the shoulders of the hibernating Blogging Stepper that has been curled up all warm and protected inside. I've held her close - protectively letting her sleep while I took care of a few things, but now it's time for her to wake up.

Because I can't go ONE MORE DAY tip-toeing breath-held past this part of me. 

The part that writes.

I still feel the bluster of it all in my brain: the overwhelm of too much to say circling in leafy swirls with the fear of having nothing to say at all. But doggone it! Sometimes you just can't be bothered with technicalities like what might come out! You just gotta DO IT.

So here it goes. 100 days of blogging. And, come August 18th when I've got 100 posts behind me, maybe all my atrophy will be lean and long. Maybe I'll be re-awakened to why I love this platform, despite all the opinions out there about why blogging is self indulgent, antiquated and laaaaame. Maybe I'll re-find my blogging community.


But here's what I do know.

That hibernating Stepper Inside is NOT the same girl awake today as she was when she went to sleep all those months (years?) ago. 


Time to get re-aquainted.


Emily said...

Yay! Welcome back!

Nae said...

I'm reading.