A Good Read

Today, if I may, I'd like to refer you to an awesome story I've been thoroughly enjoying: A Rose Mary Stretch of the Imagination. 

Get this.

It's the story of Watergate told from the perspective of Nixon's secretary, Rose Mary. Which is fascinating enough - but THEN you add the fact that it's being told via the title tracks from the Built to Spill album Keep it Like a Secret, and it's just a whole thing.

PLUS it's written by my cute husband, Bill.

Who is a wonderful storyteller.

He just published "track 9" (Temporarily Blind).

Collect them all!

1. The Plan
2. Center of the Universe
3. Carry the Zero
4. Sidewalk
5. Bad Light
6. Time Trap
7. Else
8. You Were Right
9. Temporarily Blind
10. Broken Chairs (coming soon!)