My Secret Minecraft Crush

I've got a weird, inexplicable obsession with Minecraft.

Okay - I am late to the party or whatever. But Wy started to learn about it when he began going to public school CLEAR BACK (two years) in Kindergarten.

I'd heard about it before. My cousin's son dressed up as Steve for halloween one time. I was like, Oh, yeah, Minecraft. With the square people that carry around pickaxes, right?

But I wasn't interested.

In my defense, I also knew that ZOMBIES were somehow involved. And these green explody guys that always looked just really really MAD at you.

That sounded stressful. No thanks.

But - Wy started showing interest, and—ever the dutiful mother—I allowed him to choose a minecraft how-to type of book for his one pick during the book fair that year.

And I mentioned to the husband that we maybe oughta look into what this minecraft game thingy is because Wyatt was into it. What gaming platform is it on, anyway? Because I don't think I can handle my kindergartner playing on my super awesome MAC.

Enter iPad versions.

I sorta watched from the sidelines. Peeking over his shoulder as he and his siblings poured over the endless expanse of the Minecraft terrain. They were finding things and building things and...




I could not GET on board with that fast enough.

Enter: Stepper purchases the bona fide version for her Mac.

And oh, I love it! It's so relaxing!!! And weirdly validating...I build these really cool estates for my adventurer with stables and gardens and...

...I've mentioned I really want a house of my own, right?

Anyway. I may or may not play Minecraft more than the kids.

And the suggestion of "lets have a minecraft party and all play in our worlds at the same time!" each Sunday may or may not always be made by me.

The kids might have had a minecraft themed birthday party last year wherein we made perler bead pickaxes and swords and creeper heads. I may have made a bunch more for the heck of it after the party was over.

I might actually get really annoyed when I'm deep into my world finding DIAMONDS among the lava pools and whatnot and I have to stop and ADULT because it's bedtime.

Stupid bedtime.

If you're shaking your head at me right now, may I remind you: I AM A NERD and have never professed to be otherwise, so really none of this should shock you. It's like you don't know me at all.

(Come over! We'll get to know each other, better. Maybe play a little Minecraft! You know. If it comes up.)


Nae said...

I thought I was the only momma in the mines. ;) Glad to know I'm not alone! Now I want to show you some stuff I made, but only if I get to see what you've been doing!