Today I dyed my daughter's hair pink.

She's 6. 

I never in a million years would have thought I'd EVER allow my young daughter to do something so...vain! So for-grown-ups!


The thing is...

She totally rocks it.

It's subtle - just the underside of her nut-brown bob. You can't even see it unless she swishes her hair or pulls it up.

And it's doesn't feel vain. It feels...rock and roll.

And you know what? We both really needed to do it. We both needed just a little bit of abandon, today.

A little bit of who-cares. 

A healthy dose of because-we-can.

And a good solid hour of Mom and Daughter time where we squealed over the vibrancy of the goop we were slathering onto her tresses, pulled faces at each other in the mirror, and watched Joanna and Chip Gaines make my dream come true for someone else.

I am kind of considering moving to Waco Texas just so I can ask them to do a fixer upper for me.


Maybe I need a little pink in my hair, too.

(cue Aerosmith)