Just a Comma, Not a Full Stop

I haven't quit.

100 days of blog posts. But, okay - perhaps not exactly consecutive days. Because here's what I've realized:

Sometimes, you gotta take your family to Zion National park and wander around the weird feather-brushed bubble rocks and marvel at the Three Patriarchs and throw rocks into the river while mom does her very very best to STOP imagining flash floods.

Sometimes you have to unplug.

Sometimes you decide to take a week for yourself after said unplugged time to just...mentally breathe. School is out. The kids are now officially ALL MINE for the summer.

I've been indulgent.

And when it came time for my evening posting...that little voice in my mind would say "not just yet" and I'd happily comply because it felt good. It felt right to just...hit the pause button.

But not the power.


100 posts is the promise. And NEARLY every day, I think, is a do-able time-frame.

And away we go!