Once More With Feeling!

Hi, My name is Stepper!

Yes, Stepper.

It is unusual, thank you curious person.

Thank you, I like it, too complimentary person!

Oh, you think it's weird, grimacing person? Well, that's allowed; though I think it's no weirder than many of them names you hear on them streets nowdays!

Stepper. Like the song. Like the exercise equipment. Like the mechanical doohickey.

Not Steffer (ugh!).

Not Deborah (???).

If you knew me when I was Stephanie, call me that! If you knew me when I was Sunni, call me that! I seriously love it! I love hearing my names from people who knew me during different times in my life. It makes me feel closer to you.

My parents and my siblings (and certain other family members and close friends) get to call me whatever they want! They've earned that right because they know all the me's.

It doesn't feel weird for them to call me any of my names.

But if we've just met? And you do a double take because my name is WHAT now? I'm happy to repeat it for you, and pleased when you repeat it back to me to get it right - but please don't decide that you don't want to call me Stepper because it feels weird to you, so you're going to call me some cute variation on the theme because obviously I don't care if I'm going around being called random things.

It's not random.

It's my name.

And I do care.

Thank you and high five! (Where did my nickname come from? I'm glad you asked! learn about it HERE.)