April Showers

...bring June Babies, right?

Dear Megan,

You asked me to be sure to blog about the shower I co-hosted with the lovely Brooke. And so, sistah - this one's for you.

The shower was a great success despite the fact that I was in rare form (up until 2 the night before finishing the booties, awake at 7 to get the bread in the oven...lately I find that I can't swing a 5 hour night and be my ready-to-host-a-party self the next day. Thank heavens for Brooke and her organized mind!).

Brooke created this culinary masterpiece:

She picked the color theme for the shower: coral and teal. GORGEOUS! And now I want a dress in those colors...with chocolate brown. Yes? How about it, world of fabrics? the flowers on the cake are clips that Brooke made that can fasten to baby hats or headbands or lapels or what have you.

Brooke tells me that her 3 year old daughter was very concerned that we were going to force Kim's baby to eat the diapers - because honestly, grown ups, why ELSE do you have a cake???

I created this banner - you can't tell because it's against the window, but the colors are actually teal, coral, and brown. Wouldn't a dress in those colors be just lovely, don't you think?

We had Brunch, so naturally, we had brunch type food. I was going to make the lemon poppyseed pudding cake with orange glaze bundt again - I'd practiced making it TWICE so I'd have it perfect for the shower...but in my haste on Friday, I completely forgot to pick up the ingreeds. So instead, I made breakfast gooey rolls (not as good as moms!) and caramel apple bread. Brooke brought a variety of delicious fresh fruits and the fixins for making waffles.

Naturally, my waffle iron refused to work that morning. But Brooke - ever the planner aheader - had brought hers just in case. So breakfast was saved.

I also contributed the peeps. Nobody wanted any. What's up with that?

Remember how I was determined to have different and exciting games? None of the cliche overdone stuff you see at showers nowadays? No candy bar diapers, no "don't say baby!", no wrap the TP around the mom's belly? Well...I had brilliant ideas. Which all fell flat on their face the day before, and I ended up printing off some games from the internet. I hung my head in shame for the lame-o games (I still do), but...as you can see here, the "what do you call the baby version of the animal" game had most of the players STUMPED! And one baby completely ASLEEP!

You may or may not be pleased to know that Wyatt kept calling Brooke "Neh-gah" (Megan) - she is also very beautiful and has long, darker hair. Don't worry, he hasn't decided to replace you (he was asking about you just today, in fact). THough I will say that of all the women at the shower who tried, he only allowed myself and Brooke to hold him. Once he asked Brooke to "up!", which she obligingly did, and he looked at her, touched her hair, laid his head on her shoulder and just snuggled her for a few minutes before he remembered that he was desparate to find a car (any car) to play with.

He wasn't sure about all the babies at the party - especially the ones that mom held.

This is Kim. This is Kim's baby shower. This is Kim's TINY 7 months pregnant tummy (jealous).
This is Kim's loot.Here are the baby shoes I made as favors for all the guests. A major shout out to TIP JUNKIE for the idea and the pattern. You can make boys shoes, too. I was going to fill them with smarties (Kim's favorite candy) but at 2:00 in the morning when I was filling them - unwrapping all those smarties packs sounded like a really bad idea. After Dinner mints are always a good bet.

the sign says "thank you for celebrating with us" - which I stole from TIP JUNKIE. Seriously...if you are a junkie for tips, that's your watercooler.

And to be sure that the festivities continue, we may have arranged a marriage.

Ty, meet Paige. Paige, feel free to grab Ty's sweet hoodie.

It was a party! For game prizes, I got bottles and filled them with candy. They were cute, I thought, but I didn't take a picture. I also didn't take a picture of the STACKS of waffles that we ended up with!

Who am I kidding, I didn't take ANY pictures. All this documentation is thanks to Brooke and her mad camera skills.

Thanks, Brooke! And thanks for letting me throw this party with you! You amaze me!

So there you go, Meg. Don't be surprised if some of these ideas crop up at one of your baby showers...YEARS and years from now. :)

Remind me to tell you about the dream I had about you last night...

Let's Zumba soon!




b. said...

Does Brooke work up in NICU?

b. said...

ps. those are the cutest shower favors I've ever seen!

You girls know how to throw a party!

b. said...

I used to do payroll for NICU.

I can't remember if she's the Brooke I'm thinking of...does her mom work at UVRMC too?

Stepper the Mighty said...

I don't know - I'll have to find out!