in which Stepper indulges in massage, facials, and Yoga.

Last weekend my friend Ari threw a combined baby shower for me and Kristie.

Bonus info: Kristie is due two weeks ahead of me. She's having a boy. I'm having a girl. We already know how well the Monkeyfish and her daughter get along (remember this?) - so Kristie and I are thinking that things are boding well for our families' continued friendship. Also: if the presidency decides to bring back arranged marriages, we've got it in the bag. Also also: Kristie and I visit the same doctor group. I think it would be cool if our babies were currently scheming to make their debut at the same time so that we could yell jokes at each other from next-door rooms and our husbands can play nerf guns down the hospital corridors; basically making us the most memorable labor-and-delivery patients that hospital has ever had the privilege of serving. We gotta get our money's worth, right? Besides, if we had our babies at the same time, that means mine would be ten days early. I am alright with that.

Back to our original program. Remember? We were talking about the baby shower Ari threw for us.

try not to get sidetracked.

This shower was awesome. I felt SO pampered. The shower was a spa theme - complete with back and shoulder massage, Yoga, facials, and cucumber sandwiches! It was even more perfect because 80% of the participants were expecting!

Walk with me.

When we walked in, the lights were dimmed and candles were burning everywhere. I learned toward the end of the evening that they weren't real candles, but real wax with an electric flame inside - the most realistic fake candle I've seen. Ari greeted us at the door where we removed our shoes and were handed a waterbottle with our names attached with sage green ribbon.

We were divided into groups to rotate through the stations. Tamsin and I got massage first. Ari had posted an ad at the local massage school offering to allow one of the students to come and get experience with prenatal massage (and regular massage) and the chance to circulate a name and face and business card for networking. Isn't that brilliant?

Next we went to Yoga - which was perfect because we were all loose and relaxed from our massage. Tamsin and I laughed at each other as we tried to get our preggo bodies to move like the BYU Modern Dance student instructor's dancer body moved. It was comical - but also felt incredible. I want to do it again.

Then we got facials. Ari's sister came for the evening and slathered us with purple tingly face mask stuff and lotions. We got a hand massage and a warm washcloth. Divine.

Then everyone got back together and we partook of fresh fruit and dip, cheese and crackers, cucumber sandwiches, and cupcakes. Oh yes, we partook.

I felt very indulgent all evening - and really didn't think it could get better - except then we did gifts. And my friend Heather homemade a blanket for the Moeb. With matching burp cloths. Homemade. By Healther. They were absolutely beautiful. I think I hid it well, but I teared up a little.

Look at the cool stitching!

Then I opened ANOTHER HOMEMADE BLANKET from Kristie! More pregnant than I am Kristie - she made Moeb a blanket - a big warm fleece one in awesome fabric that will totally cover a carseat in the unforgiving Utah winters I'm bringing my baby into. Again with the tears.

I also received a darling polka-dot blanket from Tamsin and some cute onesies, burp rags, and wet wipes from...well, the giver wouldn't fess up, but I have my suspicions.

Then Ari came out with two beautifully wrapped gift bags - one for Kristie, and one for myself. The contents were priceless. More tools for pampering! A cozy blanket to snuggle under, some foot lotion for husband massages and some ridiculously soft socks for directly afterward, a quality loofah (the acquiring of which has a great story), a book to record the events of Moeb's life so I don't lose a single moment, some in-shower lotion (which smells divine), and...



Custom made coupons that, when redeemed, will ensure the pampering theme of this shower will last ALL YEAR LONG.

Ari secured the help of our husbands who came up with the ideas for what the coupons would include, then Bill engaged his graphic design genius to create the coupons. These aren't your standard homemade coupons, hoo boy! You'll notice they are made to resemble the coupon mailers you find in your Sunday paper. Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of jealousy.


Kristie received coupons custom made for her with pictures of her and Taylor. Kristie had the right idea - she's going to have hers framed. I may follow suit. Besides, I know where I can get reprints of the originals for actual use. I'm so backstage pass.

I knew Ari fell solidly in the hostessing category of FABULOUS - but the thought and planning - the attention to detail and the little customized gestures - that went into this night astounded me and filled me with the greatest sense of feeling appreciated, valued, and loved.

Not to mention the card Ari wrote me that finally did make me cry.

Thank you, Ari.


That Girl said...

Holy craparola.

Now I want one of my friends to get pregnant so I can do the same thing!

Lara and Jayson said...

Wow, that is the most incredible baby shower I have ever heard of!!! I'm glad you got some well deserved pampering.

Philip and Mandy said...

Wow!! Your shower sounds like it was awesome!! Love those tickets, how creative! :-)