well...lest ye think I forgot about the winner

THIS lucky fella went home with Grandpa Rusty - along with a loaf of whole wheat banana bread (I still owe him the batch of cookies).

but not before he made himself at home with us for a bit, first.

I think everyone needs a monster.

Don't you need a monster?

See what I mean?


Windy Dawn said...

I need a monster!

Stepper, that is brilliant, I love what you've created! :D

Tamsin said...

I think I very specifically need that monster - or at least his near identical twin.

cinnazest said...

I totally need a monster! In fact, my friend and I were going to write you a short story about monsters inspired by your little ones....but then fall quarter began. And now the monster tale is but a dream stuck in the corners of my mind. Maybe in the future we can return to the tale and sweep out those brain corners. :)

Grandpa Rusty said...

After an initial adjustment period during which Melvin the Monstur suffered separation anxiety from his former home and family, I'm pleased to inform you that Melvin is happy in his new home. It is true that he stopped eating dust bunnies for almost an entire week after moving to our home, but eventually he was back to his normal eating habits - now there isn't a dust bunny anywhere to be seen... even under the bed! And there was the period of soft howling at night, but that was quickly overcome by bringing Melvin the Monstur into bed with us and by making soft growling noises which he found soothing.
And the bread was delicious!
Thanks again, Stepper, for the wonderful gifts.