Yes, we laugh at him.

We dropped in on my folks on Sunday afternoon. After we all laughed at one of Wyatt's snarkier comments, my dad asked, "do you just sit around all day and laugh at him?"

Picture these gems of wisdom coming from the mouth of this face:

At the top of the stairs one morning, Wyatt says to Bill: "Dad, the question is a matter of whom."

After Bill cut his PB&J into 4 sections, Wyatt says the prayer: (pointing at each section) Thank you for peanut butter jelly samwich, peanut butter jelly samwich, peanut butter jelly samwich, peanut butter jelly samwich. (he looks at the small pile of chips, takes a deep breath) and chip and chip and chip and chip and..."

Wyatt sees me about to feed Daphne. "No, Mom! You don't feed baby sister! Put her in a swing!"

Playing with 3 of Bill's action figures, which he's named Daniel, Reuben, and Kirk.
Wyatt as Daniel: Hi! What's your name?
Reuben: Hi! I'm a guy!
Daniel: Oh, that's a good deal. What should we do?
Reuben: Should we have an adventure?
Kirk: I'm a blue guy with red and blue and blue.
Daniel: I like cake!

Bill: Wyatt, you're such a good boy.
Wyatt: No! I'm not a good boy!
Bill: What are you?
Wyatt: I'm Wyatt!

Wyatt interrupts me while folding laundry.
Wyatt: Moooooom?
Me: Yeeeeeees?
Wyatt: I want raisin and cracker and cookie and chocolate and ice cream and MILK!

Mikelle and Malia came to babysit one weekend. Wyatt was so excited, when we left him he was running around the house, laughing. When we got home, Mikelle and Malia explained that just after we left, he ran into the wall. With his head. He cried for a minute, then said "I bonked my head", then resumed the playing. They noticed later that there was a suspicious head-shaped divot in the wall. The next day, Wyatt explains to bill: I run and run and BONK! my head! Of course, he has to explain this several times to give the full effect, and has to reinact the whole thing perfectly each time - slammig his head into the wall, repeatedly. BONK! BONK!

Wyatt: Mommy, be sad!
Me: (pouting) hoo hoo hoo (that's me crying, okay?)
Wyatt giggles and plants a smacker on my cheek.
Wyatt: Now be Happy!

Me: Wyatt, don't put your milk cup on the couch. That's naughty.
Wyatt stops short of putting it on the couch and looks at me with big eyes.
Me: Good job, Wyatt! That's a good boy. Don't worry, you're not naughty.
He looks at me. Bursts into tears.
Wyatt: I am naughty!

And, at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Sunday, playing with a toy train on the floor and using his fingers as people. "Hi! What you doing?'  'I'm going up here. I'm naughty. Do you understand? Up here on a train. I be naughty.' 'Oh, thats a good deal. The train say WOOT WOOT chugga chugga chugga."

To answer your question, Dad; Yes. Yes, we do.


Ro Ro Riot said...

Oh my goodness. He's pretty much perfect, isn't he?

Tammy said...

You are going to be so GLAD you have recorded some of his hilarity!

Megan.Card said...

Haha so I have this problem of reading your blog while I'm in class or in the hall at school and when I read your blog I pretty much always end up in tears or bust out laughing. Haha this creates a very awkward moment when everyone one looks at me wondering why i'm crying and laughing, but i tell you...its all worth it!!! I love your blog!!! Wyatt is such a cutie. Just wait until Daphne starts talking... They will have the profound conversations of wisdom that will probably one day change the world. Love you and your adorable family!!! : D

Kel said...

One of my most shameful moments left out in the open for public eyes that will turn into public mouths that will scorn and scoff at my babysitting inadequacy. I'll never babysit in this town again. ;)