Tips for Spring

If you live anywhere near me, there's a chance you are thinking that Spring has arrived - even if briefly - and are unable to keep your mind away from possible camping trips, walks around the 'hood, and, of course, the all important SPRING CLEANING, FIRST GARDENING and SEASON-CHANGE DECORATING of the year.

Well, seeing as how I'm the expert on all three, I thought I'd bestow upon you some sage advice that may help steer you in the right direction before you undertake any of these projects.

I know, my benevolence sometimes amazes even me.


  • You should spring clean your house. No, really. You should. 
  • You should probably make a detailed list of all the chores that a proper Spring Cleaning entails. Otherwise, your red-haired, lazy teenage daughter (cough) might think that 'clean out the cupboard' might just mean 'eat all the chips'. Also - feels good to check things off a list. Very Spring Cleany.
  • Don't use Ammonia and a toothbrush to clean the baseboards. You might fall asleep half way through. Trust me.
  • I've found that the very best way to make sure that your garden doesn't become overrun with weeds is to not plant a garden in the first place.
  • It might be a good plan to have a clear idea of what weeds look like before you start your therapeutic yanking. Because sometimes you think a tulip upstart is a weed.
  • You may have to actually hide the huge orange geometric-patterned pillows that your husband thinks are cool to keep them off the couch.
  • Your husband may, in turn, hide your green and purple couch pillows. Just sayin'.

Alright, now who else is up for a little rain storm?




Grandpa Rusty said...

Sadly, our warm weather is supposed to end tomorrow night... snow on Thursday.
Ah, well...

Nae said...

Bring on the rain! I enjoy winter until the day after Christmas so I'm ready to move on. :)

Kate said...

Any word on when the 8' snow drifts in Wisconsin will be making an exit?