Don't Punch...Our Car.

Scuttlebutt on the street says that Kid History is going to release Episode 5...

(...wait for it...)

(...wait for it...)


This is going to be a 2 hour event, featuring the pre-release of Epsiode 5, a new 'cinematic version' of Episode 1, and episodes 2 through 4.


You also get some inside information, unseen footage, outtakes (maybe?), etc.


The cast will be there. There will be T-shirts.

June 23 (Thursday) - showing at 5 and 8. Get the deets HERE.

Will I see you there?

(Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. - but if you all could wait to sign on until 10:05 a.m. so that I can for sure get my tickets, you'd all be peaches.)

(I'm kidding)

(But not about seeing you there.)

In other news...

Bill and I have finished watching Life on Mars (five stars!) and are now watching Flash Forward (I am terrified!) - and, of course, Dr. Who whenever Netflix sends us the anticipated DVD - and we've come to conclude something very important.

Never deliver a briefcase.

Flowers! Chocolates! Even one of those cookie bouquet thingies! But a briefcase? Don't deliver it. Just don't.

Duffels, either. Just walk away, man.

And while Bill and I were cleaning up after the day, we were locked in our usual post-kid-bedtime banter, and I moved to put the blanket in Henry's swing. Bill flinched.

"I thought you were going to attack me" he said.

I laughed at him, then clicked on the pen I had just picked up from the console table and made to attack his face with it. He moved to block, but I dropped my arm in disappointment.

"I was going to draw a mustache on your face, but that would have just been redundant."

He nodded resolutely. "You can't improve perfection," he said.

"No..." I said, thinking I dropped the pen too soon after all. "But you can copy perfection. Repeatedly. On your face."

He said nothing to that.

I think that means I won, don't you?


Grandpa Rusty said...

FACT: I'll be there!

MikkSolo said...

FAC - T: We will too!